Schwag for Sale

Since I received 2000 stickers at the end of July, the campaign has burned through them quickly. Getting promotional materials out and about is a priority, but a costly drain. The stickers were 30 cents a piece. Having signs printed runs anywhere from $3 on up, depending on colors and design. I’ve got a strategy in regards to sign cost which may work out well. More on that as it plays out. If anyone has a good lead on vinyl sticker printers that can do custom die-cut work, I’d appreciate an email.

I talked to someone last year who had a hand in promotional materials for a campaign. She expressed the extreme cost in printing shirts with dubious promotional value. I asked her if she kept her shirts from the campaign, “Oh yeah, I wash my car with them.” If this campaign had money to waste, it might waste money on shirts. Rather the Internet has provided a nice solution in Cafe Press.

Cafe Press provides an outlet for a wide array of campaign junk. I put this shop together with no markup, so the campaign doesn’t see any profit from the items contained within. Besides, I’m not sure how the FEC would handle that anyway, so profit would be more trouble than it is worth. Frankly, I’ll be very impressed if any of the mugs sell. Mugs have to be the most overused promotional item ever. They sprout like mushrooms in my XMission office. Whenever I visit Deseret Industries, I enjoy perusing the discarded schwag museum. There are usually enough mugs to supply an army with coffee.

Don’t be shy about submitting designs. Put them in the Wiki in a preferably large format (2000×2000) PNG and I’ll toss them into the Cafe Press store.

7 thoughts on “Schwag for Sale

  1. I was just looking at some of the schwag my dad did at CafePress, and thought “this is a good idea for Pete Ashdown!”

    You’re one step ahead of me…


  2. Ahhhhh, mugs. I used to get “drug company” mugs at my former job. I really do use them. Pete, I told you that I wanted to get the underwear but that defeats the whole purpose of campaigning…I think..hmmm; this raises another random thought…Republicans usally are involved in financial scandals..and Democrats are usually involved in sex scandals…any ideas as to why?
    Okay, back to donating time and money.
    I’d be glad to donate time if someone could contact me with something to do…

  3. ooops, again I spoke too soon. I just went to the needs site and I’ll be stopping by campaign headquarters next week…

  4. As graphic designer a with an advertiser’s soul. I have come up with a new sticker idea:

    Pete Ashdown – not narrow minded just narrow headed.

    I think this would would great in a verticle format

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