Caravan Customization

Many hands made short work yesterday and the “Campaign Caravan” is looking fantastic. We got about half of the design completed before the weather turned bad on us. I would post some pictures, but I want to wait until its completely done.

Every time Robin and I look at the motorhome now we can’t keep from grinning. It is not only eye-catching, but a symbol of support and people powered politics. Cost of the effort? About $220 in materials, two buckets of bagels, one gallon of coffee, and one gallon of hot-chocolate.

Many thanks to all who helped on Saturday. I was humbled not only by the size of the crowd but the energy everyone had for the task. In addition to the painting, we staked 75 signs in a short period of time. Please come and get them! We have 1,000 in this run.

One thought on “Caravan Customization

  1. Dear Pete:

    Sorry Joyce and I could not get down there. The weather over Sardine closed the canyon at one point. However, we were knee deep in JJ Dinner stuff, and attended the peace march here in Logan.

    Please do bring signs up, and let me know how many will be in your party for the dinner. I have to get a head count to the caterer.

    Thanks, Lanta

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