SLCSpin and the Red Keyboard Brigade

Orrin Ownz MeThe Deseret News has published a story on Ethan Millard’s SLCspin. Its a good read, and not just for the the “pro-Pete Ashdown slant”. Keep up the good work Ethan.

On the other side of the fence, last night a group of right-wing wiki vandals had a heyday in the collaboration wiki. This has forced me to throw down further restrictions. Editing now requires a valid email address and granted permission from me or the campaign manager. I’m sorry it has come to this. All political persuasions are still welcome to contribute, except for buffoons.

Along with attempting to make small edits in my history, like the minimum wage I’ve paid at XMission, this group employed racism, obscenity, mysogyny, censorship, the picture to the left, and a hatred of BYU to get their right-wing point across. Good job guys, you did your “side” proud.

6 thoughts on “SLCSpin and the Red Keyboard Brigade

  1. That is just messed up. I can’t belive that humans can be that rude. Keep up the fight!

  2. I can’t (ok yes I can) believe that people would do that kind of vandalism on your web page. I guess it just shows that some people can’t defend their own issues so they take cheep shots at those who do.

    By the way I just wanted to say that I saw Pete speak at the Salt Lake and Davis County conventions, and I just wanted to say you really did a great job! Keep up the good work!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the vandalism. For the most part, the conduct and tone of the blogosphere (at least here in our corner of it) has been fairly positive when the host works to set a positive tone. Let’s hope the vandalism you describe is a short-lived exception. You are trying some innovative things, and I hope people will respect those efforts as part of this grand process we have inherited.

  4. Sorry to see this happened Pete. I’m also sorry for the Republicans. Integrity (or lack thereof) has been an enormous thorn in their sides and this kind of conduct only paints their picture worse. Once upon a time, the leaders of our country were considered to be men (and women) of high levels of principle and integrity. The sad fact is that I don’t even know if the folks who vandalized your site were Republicans, but the conduct of that party in general leads that to be my first assumption.

    Integrity can be difined simply as doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Keep up the good work Pete. Your campaign is open, it’s honest, and gives me faith that I can trust you to do the right things in a political world where so many others are not.

  5. Hey –

    Pete – I caught you at the Cache Demo JJ Dinner. You have great integrity and strength of character (which we cannot say of some anonymous people, as evidenced by the attack on your website). To be blue in a blood red state takes a great person!
    You have great and innovative ideas. YOU LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE in a land of ‘the leader knows best – not the American people.’ It looks like Bush has finally realized that their are people out here, but it is way too little and way, way too late!

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