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Trifold 11x17The campaign is currently engaged in a registration push for new voters. Several stylish and artistic registration flyers for campus bulletin boards, clubs, schools, and elsewhere have been designed by my lovely and talented wife Robin. They are all available for download and printing here.

In addition, the same literature I use for canvassing and events is available for you to download and print. This is especially useful in educating friends, neighbors, and associates about my campaign for U.S. Senate. You can either get it in an 8.5″x11″ size suitable for most printers or use what I use, in 11″x17″. Most print shops can either take these files from you on CD or USB drive, or download them directly from the website if you want to really get busy. Alternatively, if you want to pick up literature for distribution or have us mail you some please contact the campaign staff.

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