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Obama 2008I have been reluctant to endorse a presidential candidate up until this time because I think the way our primary system works is utterly messed up. Seeing candidates drop out of the race after 124,000 people caucus in Iowa is not broad democracy in any sense. However, Utah’s primary is next Tuesday and I think now that it is down to two, it is time to make a public choice.
In Barack Obama’s first term, he sponsored a bill that required more transparency on government bids and earmarks. It creates a website that documents government contracts, grants, earmarks, and loans and allows them to be searched and openly inspected by the public. Accountability through technology was a key plank of my 2006 campaign and I was pleased to see Senator Obama write this bill and get it passed. He also took responsibility for transparency in his own office by disclosing his own earmark requests. Regardless of where I end up, the American public is going to continue to demand transparency in order take back the reins of government from wealthy interests. The fact that a first term senator made a major difference was also affirming.

As president, I believe Barack Obama will return accountability to the Whitehouse and international respect to the United States. I will be voting for him on Tuesday the 5th.

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  1. Thanks, Pete! I’m thrilled to see that Barack Obama is your choice. Your opinion is very valued, especially when it comes to technology issues. I really like his idea for a technology czar, and the fact that he has some very intelligent people surrounding him that he goes to for technology advice. I don’t expect all of our elected officials to be technophiles, but I do expect that they take and use the advice of people who know what they’re talking about.

  2. I’m with you on this one Pete. I think Obama will be a major improvement over the current occupant of the whitehouse. He represents the future of our party, not the past. I’m genuinely excited about his campaign.

  3. Obama made sense to me too.

    I have an off topic comment, I hope you don’t mind. I was just wondering if there is a group or organization that is working toward getting UTOPIA back on the table again for Salt Lake City? Part of the reason I voted for Mayor Becker was his response in a past questionnaire and in it his views on technology and the idea that we would be able to potentially get UTOPIA in Salt Lake City.

    I realize it has many, many hurdles, but would like to tell some friends and acquaintances who to contact and how to organize to get UTOPIA in Salt Lake City.

  4. Pete,

    As probably the only person in California who paid attention to your U.S. Senate race in Utah in 2006, I’m thrilled you are a supporter of Barack Obama. Not only that, Obama just won Utah tonight on Super Tuesday (as well as many other states).

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