Electroregeneration Society CRT Day

Saturday, September 19th, 9:00 AMThe Electroregeneration Society needs your help! Saturday, September 19th, we will be unloading a storage unit previously owned by Computers For Kids, a non-profit with a similar mission to ERGS. There are over 500 CRT monitors there! We will load them on a large 25′ truck and bring them to our warehouse at 555 S 400 W. In addition to moving these monitors, we are going to organize, stack, and store all of our monitors and do some reorganizing of our donated computer equipment. To thank you, you will receive lunch and the PC of your choice from our stock.

Meet at our warehouse, Saturday, September 19th, 9:00AM, 555 S 400 W, and caravan to the storage units at 5937 S 1650 W, or just go to the storage units and wait for our arrival. Bring water, gloves, and clothes that can get torn and dirty.