Another Option for Net Neutrality

Current efforts to enforce net neutrality give me a healthy amount of skepticism and concern, which I have written about previously. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and I must come down on the side of less regulation of the Internet rather than more. Not only are there unintended side-effects from government […]

Net Neutrality

My campaign is about democracy, drawing off the expertise of those who are most familiar and most affected by specific policies. When it comes to my own expertise, I’m well versed in the history and technical issues of the Internet, because it has been my business for 13 years and I’ve used it for 19. […]

A Series of Tubes

Alaska’s Ted Stevens did a stunning job this week of demonstrating why we need technology leadership in the U.S. Senate. I had a long conversation with a concerned voter over my Net Neutrality position yesterday. He stated that I was putting too much trust into the corporations and the telcos to do the “right thing”. […]

Questions for Mayoral Candidates

On April 12th, I emailed/submitted/Facebooked every declared Salt Lake City Mayoral candidate a list of questions regarding issues that are important to me. As of May 14th, I have received three responses, which I have posted below, but as of today, no mayoral candidate has answered a single question. I will continue to update this […]