Press Release on Torture Exemption
For Immediate Release
November 7, 2005
Contact: Brett Garner
Office: 801.983.PETE
Cell: 801.573.4759


Calls reversal "irresponsible" and "unconscionable" Promises to vote for
"freedom, everywhere in the world"

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--Pete Ashdown, US Senate candidate (D-UT), decried
his opponent's decision to change his position and give the CIA an exemption
to a ban on torture.  Ashdown said: "Yesterday, Senator Hatch and came
out on the side of fear, torture, and injustice.  America should always be the
beacon for human rights and dignity throughout the world. The use of torture
extinguishes that light."

Ashdown referred to Senator Hatch's statements on the CBS program Face the
Nation in which he said "I'm on the vice president's side."
instead of Arizona Senator John McCain's on the question of a Senate ban on
torture by all branches of the US government.  This stance comes a month after
Hatch voted in favor of Senator McCain's amendment (Roll Call vote 249 on SA
1977 to HR 2863) to ban "cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or
punishment" by the US Government.

Ashdown said "When the people of Utah elect a Senator, they expect him
or her to stand for freedom and human dignity.  Transparency of our government
will serve to root out the evil of abuse and torture." Ashdown
promised he would vote for a ban on torture when he is elected to the US

Ashdown praised American soldiers and civil servants who seek to discover the
truth and save lives, while at the same time "upholding American honor
and virtue" in their actions. "Our servicemen and women, our
investigative agents, and the American people pray that we will win this war,
but victory can not and should not come at the betrayal of our American