Ashdown Speaks to Rural Voters Needs in Daggett
Pete Ashdown for US Senate
April 3, 2006
Brett Garner
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Ashdown Speaks to Rural Voters Needs in Daggett

MANILA, UT--Speaking to the Daggett County Democratic Convention, Pete Ashdown
addressed how rural voters would be better served by new Senator who listens
to their needs and will connect them to their Federal Government.  The
Democratic US Senate candidate spoke to the Convention, meeting in Manila,
hoping to capitalize on Democratic successes in Daggett County in recent

One of Utah's smallest counties, but home to the it's second biggest tourist
draw, Ashdown addressed how the Federal Government has ignored rural
considerations but could do so much so easily.  Ashdown focused his remarks on
his campaign theme of using technology to revitalize democracy and two of his
major campaign issues: energy and infrastructure.  "I really believe that
government can become a two-way street; that the everyday citizen can have as
much influence with their Federal Government as the lobbyists who sit in the
offices of Congress," Ashdown said.  He pointed to his campaign website and
the revolutionary wiki as to how he is already using technology to change
interaction between candidates and citizens, emphasizing how easily it could
be transferred to the Government in general.

"This Congress decided that the solution to America's energy problems was to
look for more oil," said Ashdown about the nation's energy problems.  "We need
a more balanced solution, one that incorporates clean, renewable generation
over pollution and dependence on foreign oil."  Ashdown cited the wind
turbines he saw traveling through Wyoming to reach Manila as something Utah
should be imitating.

Ashdown talked about how he wanted to dramatically invest in physical and
technological infrastructure.  "I think we should be thinking about 300 mph
trains and broadband deployment, items our competitors in Europe and Asia are
already benefiting from. I think if 2 million people are coming to Flaming
Gorge every year, I would hope that the Federal Government could help Daggett
County with its infrastructure needs."

Ashdown later discussed this with the Daggett County Sheriff, Allen Campbell,
and Manila's Mayor, Chuck Dickson, who related their frustration with the
Federal government.  Specifically, they have tried to access the fee
reimbursement program from the US Forest Service for the roads that Daggett
County maintains but the Forest Service charges for.  Ashdown stated he heard
the same kind of frustration in other rural communities, such as East Carbon
and Hurricane, where the Federal Government doesn't listen to local needs, but
either ignores or misappropriates funds to programs that are not wanted.  "The
Federal Government should disburse funds on local request and stay out of the
way." Ashdown stated.

Daggett County was the first convention for Ashdown and first trip there as a
candidate.  He hopes to capitalize on the success of previous Democratic
candidates, including Sheriff Campbell and US Rep. Jim Matheson, who have
carried the county in their elections.  Ashdown will travel to the Tooele
County Democratic Convention on Tuesday evening.