Ashdown on Flag Burning Amendment
June 27, 2006
Brett Garner
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Ashdown: More Important Challenges to Nation than Flag Burning

Challenger says incumbent is "unwilling to tackle real issues"

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--Pete Ashdown reiterated his stand that the Flag Protection
Amendment is a distracting political power-play by his opponent so he can stir
up jingoism this election year.  Ashdown decried his opponent's stand by
challenging him to name one of the activist judges he so often refers to,
calling up an incident earlier this year when Hatch could not do that.

"Senator Hatch, for the second time this year, has brought forward an amendment
whose sole purpose is to divide the country and selfishly score political
points," Ashdown said.  "I am not going to fall for this political game, this
divide-and-conquer America tactic."  The Democratic US Senate nominee in Utah
stated he would be happy to debate this issue, but feels the US Senate has more
pressing issues before it.

"We have important issues that need to be addressed, but my opponent is
unwilling to tackle these real issues."  Ashdown specifically cited his
opponent's failure to even begin Conference Committee talks on the immigration
bill, "showing that he prefers political pandering to national security and
fixing our broken system."  Ashdown also noted the failure to totally stop the
Divine Strake bomb test in Nevada's test range, which the Defense Department
admitted could still happen as early as September.  "I am totally opposed to
Divine Strake; almost all of Utah agrees.  However, our senior Senator is more
concerned with these politically-motivated amendments to use his supposed power
to stop radiation from contaminating Utah again."

Ashdown noted that Senator Hatch, in March at Utah Valley State College, could
not name one "activist" judge.  "Senator Hatch blames 'activist' judges for
almost all of society's ills," Ashdown said.  "But when it comes down to
actually knowing who they are and why they rule the way they do, he doesn't
want to know anything."  Ashdown also cited a recent article where Hatch
admitted he didn't even meet with all of the Supreme Court justices when he was
Judiciary chairman.  "I would want to learn all I could from those men and
women, regardless of whether I agreed or disagreed with their decisions."

"Utah voters have a clear choice this November: I promise to be a Senator
Utahns can count on to deal with the most pressing issues first," Ashdown
said.  "My opponent stands for distracting the Senate, continuing to avoid
solving these tough problems, and misplacing whatever power he has rather than
helping Utahns."

Ashdown will meet with voters in Kearns Wednesday night at the Kearns Olympic
Speedskating Oval 5662 S 4800 W, at 6 PM.  He will available for comment at any
time via the information above.