Ashdown 3rd Quarter FEC Report
October 14, 2006
Brett Garner (
Office: (801) 983-7383

Ashdown 3rd Quarter FEC Report

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--Democratic US Senate candidate Pete Ashdown released
his third quarter Federal Election Commission Report, covering the
period of July 1 to September 30, 2006.  The four summary pages are
attached to this release; contact the information above for the full
report.  Ashdown raised $76149.75 in  personal contributions, $5000 from
the Utah Democratic party, $2500 in donations from political action
committees, and a $25000 loan from Ashdown himself.  Ashdown also
donated $7409.67 to cover the costs of a August 29 dinner at the Alta
Club to "Feed the Hungry, Not the Politicians," which raised nearly
$10000 only for local charities. The campaign collected $101149.75 in
total receipts during the quarter, raising total campaign cycle income
to $193354.79.  This quarter's expenditures were $99691.48; total
campaign expenditures for the cycle are $178990.50.  The campaign has
$97975.28 in debts, in office rent owed to Ashdown's LLC. Cash on hand
on September 30 was $14217.70.

It is worth noting that since Oct 1, the campaign has raised over
$35000, maintaining $35749.91 on hand.  Significant contributions have
come from fund raising events involving such figures as Salt Lake County
Mayor Peter Corroon, former US Representative Karen Shepherd, and
others.  Additionally, the campaign has received PAC contributions from
the National Education Association and the Communication Workers of America.

Ashdown will be appearing at a house party in Rose Park this evening. 
Tomorrow, Pete, his wife Robin, and their infant daughter Greta, will
embark on a campaign trip through West Central Utah, beginning in Beaver.