Lots of Coverage

I spent last Monday in Saint George, Utah. In the morning, I had the opportunity to talk with the Southern Utah Democrats club at their luncheon which was covered by the Saint George Spectrum. Later I talked with local officials and citizens, did an hour talk show with Bryan Hyde, and was interviewed by Tamara Lee on KCSG Channel 6. Thanks to all who made this visit possible. I look forward to seeing you again.

While I was in Saint George, Politics1.com reinaugurated its “Site of the Day” picks and made my site the first for “allowing richer public participation”. Many sites picked up on the recent poll; Daily Kos, DSCC “From the Roots”, MyDD, Western Democrat, and Swing State Project.

Boing Boing

Boing Boing linked me today. Thank you Mark.

Many people from around the country have since emailed me expressing support but regretting that they can’t vote for me. There are two ways non-Utahns can help. First, spread the word. Second, contribute financially. It is no secret that this campaign hinges on national attention. Please help get that nationwide gaze focused on Utah.