Senator Hatch 45% vs “Someone Else” 48%

A KSL/Deseret News poll by Dan Jones and Associates shows our efforts are paying off. Senator Hatch is currently polling at a 45% reelect against 48% stating it is time to give someone else a chance. The same poll also shows that Representive Jim Matheson, a Democrat, is the most popular politician in Utah.

This is tremendous news with a year to go until the general election, yet it is no time to cease our efforts. Right now, the most important help I can receive is continuing to spread the word to drive your friends and neighbors to the campaign website. I am also asking you to dig deep and consider donating to the campaign. The fact that we have gotten this far on the limited resources we’ve been given shows what we could do with more.

Thank you again for all your efforts. We are going to win this with your continued help.

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