Nuclear BombSpeaking to a group of downwinders at Dixie Regional Medical Center yesterday, Senator Hatch made the comment, “I am up for election and if there is someone who can do better, I’d like to meet the SOB.”

First, I resent Utah’s senior senator using that name for my mother. Second, he has met me. Third, I would be happy to meet him again at any time, any place, and debate the issues. “I’m a great stopper,” Hatch goes on to state in reference to the military masturbation known as Divine Strake which is scheduled for June 2nd at the Nevada Test Site. Orrin says that if there were any concerns, he would stop the testing. Sounds like he needs to walk down the hall and talk to Jim Matheson. Then lets see this absurdity STOPPED.

A “great stopper” should be able to stop PFS from hauling and dumping hot nuclear waste in Utah. Last I checked, the congress was in charge of the BLM and not the other way around. Senator, its time to put-up or retire, use your much touted “seniority” to stop something that Utahns are opposed to.

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  1. This guy, Ashdown, can roll with the punches! “Aww but mom can we keep him?” Nice entry IMO keep it up!

  2. Pete, this is your best post yet. I like it so much in fact that I hereby commit to donating $25 to the campaign everytime you use the phrase “military masturbation” in public and $500 if you use that phrase while speaking directly to Senator Hatch.

  3. Senator Hatch must be running scared to make such a comment. Stand firm, Pete. We are proud of you!

  4. Señor Hatch must be losing his memory in his old, old, OLD age!!! HAHA!!! I even saw him shake hands with you on TV!! Who’s this guy trying to prove? Plus, using cuss words to prove he’s a better choice for Utah? Doesn’t he remember how Utahns are at all?? My word!

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  6. Let’s see, first we have the “Decider,” and now we have the “Stopper.” Soon, however, very soon, we will have the “Indicted” – ala Karl Rove.

  7. Reminds me of the time the classy senator said of my college class. They were “so full of *@$# that I had to hike up my boots to wade through it”. I guess that’s how they talk in cow country. What a great host. Thanks for the post.

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  9. Oh, I am SO printing this out for my mom to read. She doesn’t get “the internets,” lives on the East Bench, and think Hatch is a big boob.

  10. I find it reprehensible that Sen. Hatch has renegged on his word. In the meeting with the St. George downwinders in April, Hatch said if he had any concerns about the safety of the test, he would exercise his ‘great stopper’ powers to cancel Divine Strake. But by early August, when nary a soil sample has been taken or tested to quash concerns for the test’s safety, Hatch goes ahead to meet Teneglia to express concerns on behalf of the ‘unique sensitivites’ of Utahns and pleads with Jim to ‘move’ the test. A day later, the judge presiding over the downwinder lawsuit says he has received no documents about the consideration of other locations by DTRA.

  11. What’s at issue is that the hype given DIVINE STRAKE actually makes the test sound more significant than it is. A whole 32′ by 36′ filled with Ammonimun Nitrate and diesel fuel is…well……CHEAP! It’s the least expensive explosive available for such a test that cost…WHAT? $23,000,000 of tax payers money? Orin Hatch are getting some of this? Are your buddies in the nitrate business cutting you in? Who else?

    Now, find the vendors and you will find friends of GWB receiving about a $20,000,000+ bundle of payola from his executive order. That’s the REAL story about DIVINE STRAKE. There’s nothing “divine” about it…unless you happen to be the vendor.

    Let them do a 1/20 scale model of the 700 ton version and there won’t be any interests, unless it’s maybe a few thousand here and there to buy some of Senator Hatch’s left over music albums.


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  13. FYI, the link to The Spectrum story is broken/expired. (“Sounds like he needs to walk down the hall and talk to Jim Matheson.”) Tells me “Error: Invalid story key”.

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that this is suddenly back on track after elections are over. Sweep as many things that can be used against incumbents under the rug as you can, we’ll resurrect them as soon as we’re re-elected!

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