County Conventions

I’ve sworn to do more blogging and less driving. However, when I’m the only choice for driving, blogging takes a back seat. Any volunteers want to give the Blue Eagle a spin and see beautiful Utah? Prior bus or monster-box driving a must. It’s more akin to steering a gigantic milk-carton shaped boat than a normal car.

Today I visited Sevier and San Pete counties for their Democratic conventions. Thanks to all who turned out. I’ve been to Daggett, Duchesne, Cache, Tooele, Millard and Box Elder counties this month. It has been very energizing to meet people who are becoming politically active for the first time and to talk to others who have been active forever.

Also many thanks to my friend in Richfield who bought me dinner and introduced me to the mayor.

There have been times on the road I have seen such wonderous sights. The previously mentioned snow covered Zion, the view from Birch Creek in Smithfield, Van’s Dance Hall in Delta (arguably the first disco in the world), and many others. Today it was Manti at dusk and the incredible star-field above driving on highway 89. As I was merging onto highway 6, a slow falling star dripped from the sky. Utah is an incredible state.

Even more incredible are the people I have met and the stories I have heard. I am very honored to be in this position and yet receive the gratitude of so many. My thanks are returned a thousand fold.

One thought on “County Conventions

  1. Thanks for sticking your neck out and running, Pete. I only registered as a Democrat at the mass meeting this Spring. This was my first Democratic county convention. I was so happy to hear only things I could get behind. You, John, Wayne, and Christian charged me up as did the other county candidates and our chair woman. I can’t believe I waited so long to switch parties.
    I like the picture of you and the Abe Lincoln impersonator. As you stood up and spoke I had a sense that this must be what Lincoln looked and sounded like. I could easily picture you in the Senate. Coincidentally, last night my wife met your opponent at a book signing for a cousin of hers in SLC and was less impressed.

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