BBC Audio, Momster and Blogger Conference

The audio for the BBC interview from last Monday is available here.

My good friend Ellie Pirelli (pictured in this article) from Washington County apparently made quite a splash at the Yearly Kos blogger conference. I saw Ellie before she left and sent her off with some campaign material and then heard from others about the good work she did there. Ellie, you are an inspiration to us all.

I wish I could have attended Yearly Kos, but there were a couple of campaign opportunities here in the state that were too good to pass up. However, I will be a panelist tonight at the Utah Bloggers Conference. Hope to see you there.

Also, today is the last day you can nominate me in the Map Changers Contest. Your help is much appreciated!

6 thoughts on “BBC Audio, Momster and Blogger Conference

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  2. In such a fast paced, rapidly growing, and progressive society I only think political blogs will only help to connect disenfranchised groups and individuals with common views, goals and interest. Unfortunately, we already lost a large part of our sense of community. As a whole we turn to government to solve our societal problems and to blame on when things go wrong. We lack confidence as individuals we can make a difference anymore; we have then turned to our interest groups. I think this in part is a cause an effect of rapidly growing big business. After driving back from an YDA conference we went through an array of small towns. I did not find any local grocery markets, gas stations or hardware stores. I found franchises of big businesses. I think SLC is a unique in that there are many small businesses that flourish in progressive parts of the area, however, compare of the amount of large businesses you shop at and if they truly represent who you are. I think the blogs will give individuals a voice again.

  3. Pete, I attended the get-together last night in Sandy and was intrigued by your ideas. I blog for Tim Stay (you sat next to him) at Know More Media and I enjoy discovering other bloggers. I hope you don’t mind if I have a look around your blog!

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