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WikiaBoingBoing tipped me off to a great development that happened today. Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has established a space for campaign and policy discussion inside their new Wikia project.

My use of a wiki in my campaign has solicited some great ideas that I have taken on the campaign trail as solutions to the problems in America. I understand fully that many candidates do not have the technical ability or the resources to put towards doing wikis of their own. What Wikia is offering is space for that to happen. I applaud their efforts. If you’re a candidate, there is now no excuse for not having a wiki of your own.

The only wish I have in multiple wikis on policy and campaigns is some way to connect them all so there is no duplication of effort. Blogging software has the same problem in my opinion. Instead of writing on my blog then duplicating it by hand on my DailyKos diary, Myspace bulletins, and elsewhere, it would be nice if there was a distributed connect and sharing of commentary. This is what I still like about Usenet. Post it once and it gets distributed to any site carrying the group worldwide. Blogs and wikis need a way to do the same kind of distribution if so desired.

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  1. Pete,

    Your a political pioneer by using a wiki in your campaign. You beat Jimbo to the punch! I wonder if he got this idea from you. Let’s hope that you get some press about being the forerunner.

  2. As you can see, I have been using xmission personally back before Bill had hardware all over his face and rode a bicycle over to my office to fix my computer’s internet connection, even before the Web was noticed (being a UNIX weenie), plus our company has been using Xmission for probably 10 years.

    My comment:

    You are not reaching your constituancy very well. I only know you are running from NEWSPAPER and TV articles.
    I suppose it would be anti-long-time-internet-user-like to spam all your Xmission customers (and it would probably even piss me off although I am already going to vote for you.)

    You’ve gotta do SOMETHING to get more exposure, but I’m not sure what. Maybe show up at every gathering of any size in the state? Nah, you’ve probably already thought of that. Maybe at Real games? I’ll bet those fans would vote for you if they could be motivated to vote.

    In another month or so when I see how our finances stack up now that my wife has retired, I will make a donation (what, if any, are the legal limits?)

    Go get `em.

    Bill King
    .sig shows an old guy juggling 5 balls in a pattern every juggler knows is bogus.

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