Life and Death Part II

Dallas AustinA few weeks ago I told you of the Green River family that is being deported due to snafus in the legal immigration system. If you recall, Senator Hatch’s spokesperson stated that having the Senator intercede in a case is reserved for “Life or death situations.” Apparently losing the life you’ve built in Utah for 16 years, legally, doesn’t qualify.

Today I received news of another “life or death situation” that apparently does qualify. Evidently if you’re a rich music producer with a penchant for cocaine and you’re dumb enough to bring it into Dubai, then Utah’s senior senator will pull your ass out of the fire.

I’m all for a sensible drug policy in the United States. I think its good to help out Americans in tough international situations. Mr. Austin is a resident of Atlanta and last time I checked, Georgia has two senators as well. Why Mr. Austin deserves multiple phone calls on behalf of Utah’s senior senator and the Sahs in Green River do not is the question every Utahn should be asking today.

Senator Hatch believes that Mr. Austin will “learn his lesson” from this experience. One must wonder who campaigned for President in 2000 criticizing President Clinton’s failure to be tough on drug use and calling for expanded drug enforcement and funds for additional juvenile jails.

Seniority for Utah or seniority for Hollywood?

Update:The Sahs were deported on Friday the 7th.

7 thoughts on “Life and Death Part II

  1. I saw the articles as well. My first thought about reading about Mr. Hatch’s efforts to release the young man from a Dubai prison sentence was that since Mr. Hatch was described as being a singer and a songwriter was the they would collaborate on a music CD together.

    Too bad this article was on the 3rd or 4th age..and depended on people who really read the paper to catch it.

    I am going to post it on D4U, so a few more voters can get a look at the differeces in our current ethical standards in Congress vs. what Pete Ashdown will bring.

  2. I keep trying 🙂

    This hypocrisy is another example of why we have to get that old man out of there. I keep wanting a meme that goes something like “These old men are endangering your children.” And so they are.


  3. I just wanted to share the letter I wrote to Senator Hatch’s office – I encourage all Utah citizens to write Senator Hatch and tell him what you think. The address is .

    To the Honorable Senator Hatch,

    I am writing in regards to the recent news item published in the Salt Lake Tribune concerning your assistance in freeing the record producer Dallas Austin from a U.A.E. prison.

    I fail to understand your logic for assisting in the release of Mr. Austin because you, according to the Tribune, do not care for mandatory minimum sentences for crimes. My question does not concern your stance on minimum sentences; rather my question is on what grounds to you feel the United States can intervene with U.A.E. law?

    I am far more convinced that this was a political favor done at the cost of Utah’s reputation in the Senate. The secondary evidence is astounding when the average reader interprets it – assisting a record producer who works for the company that represents you (or at the very least you are attempting to be represented by) is suspect in many peoples eyes.

    I do acknowledge that, from what I can tell, you have broken no laws and did not over step any boundaries. But please, Senator Hatch, tell the people honestly why you did it and do not hide behind a very weak argument. The honor and dignity of the United States Senate has become fragile as of late, and acts like this do not help in restoring the faith in government both you and I share.


    Curtis Haring

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