Utah’s View of Hollywood Hatch

Hollywood HatchIt took a couple days, but the anger is building in Utah over the favoritism that Senator Hatch handed down from on high to Dallas Austin.

The Salt Lake Tribune noted the raw nerves touched by this action, along with the bafflement of one prominent Republican legislator, Curt Bramble. At the Standard Examiner, Charles F. Trentelman editorialized that all “well-connected music producers” needed for a “get out of jail free” card was Hatch’s office number.

My favorite reaction was the X96 “Radio From Hell” hosts who said Hatch should get a big pitcher of lemonade and retire to the porch with a banjo where he can sing his songs and chase away kids with a garden hose. They also contrasted Dallas Austin with Weldon Angelos, currently serving a mandatory federal 55-year-term for a first time offense of selling marijuana. The clincher? He had a gun in a leg holster (which wasn’t brandished). Oh yeah, and he was in Utah instead of the United Arab Emirates, where Orrin Hatch has more control over sentencing.

The blogger reaction has been voracious. Phil Windley weighs in, crediting Utah’s senator for being a team player, IPAC compares the punishment for smuggling cocaine with Internet file trading, and finally Ethan Millard gives us his vision of “my little friend.”

Most revealing of all are the online articles for KSL and the Daily Herald. Be sure to read the comments to see how Hollywood Hatch has infuriated Utahns and cemented the view that I have had since the start, that Utah is not his top priority.

Are you angry too? I need YOUR vote.

20 thoughts on “Utah’s View of Hollywood Hatch

  1. as far as orin hatch and dallas austin go, i couldn’t care less. nothing that the senator did effected me adversely. in fact, if it were that easy to get u.s. citizens out of jams with foreign governments, i would hope that they would use their power any time they could. i support the decriminalization of drugs in general, so it doesn’t bother me that this dumb ass, dallas austin, gets off with just a couple of months served… he shouldn’t be in jail in the first place.

    i think that the best thing to do is keep the focus of the campaign on the issues that actually have an impact on people who live in the state of utah–not the u.a.e. focus on the local issues. that’s what most utahns really care about.

  2. That is precisely it Jared. Most Utahns couldn’t care less about Dallas Austin, but we’re represented by a guy who cares too much. Hatch is demonstrating what his priorities are. His music industry friends and flag burning rank higher than the economy, energy issues, nuclear waste, immigration problems – legal and illegal, and Utah itself. He will continue to deny it but his actions speak louder than words.

  3. people are missing the point..Hatch is a hypocrite..plain and simple. He carries on about this very crime and mandatory sentencing and then turns around and helps a wealthy celebrity who shares the same lawyers to get out of jail sooner…what a nutcake!!!!

  4. The problem with Orrin Hatch, aside from that he’s probably clinically insane, is that Hatch has certain key issues on which to base his re-election campaign around. The flag desecration amendment is one such key, which he can use in campaigns to trump up his values which appeals to our conservative state. Given his longevity, he’s also earned a reputation of power in the Washington circle. Most Utahns believe this helps him when representing our state. If Pete Ashdown wants to win or even get a foothold in the race, he’s going to need to advertise his beliefs and values. As a Democrat, Ashdown should be able to show that Democratic values are more beneficial to the well-being of Utah families.

    He voted against the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. He voted to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act without any provisions to strike the more controversial issues of civil liberty violations. He voted against the expansion of Hate Crimes legislation to include traits of gender and disability solely because of his displeasure with the inclusion of sexual orientation in the bill. Voted against a federal program to help businesses owned by women and minorities gain federally funded transportation. Voted against a prohibition of job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Voted against repealing a tax subsidy for companies which move their operations off shore. Voted against the Kyoto Accords because they would make us uncompetitive in the world (strange since the rest of the world has mostly signed on with these protocols). Voted against emergency oil assistance for hurricane-afflicted areas.

    There’s plenty more, but it mostly makes my head hurt.

  5. It is important to note that he wrote “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” for TLC and co-wrote and produced P!nk’s “Just Like a Pill.” What a coincidink!

  6. not to mention that only a short while back Mr. Hatch’s office was revealed to have been spying on Democrats! Orrins response when his crew was caught spying on Democrats like Ted kennedy and others then setting them up with the media, was not as harsh as if, say, Clintons people had been caught doing the same to Orrin. Oh well, Orrin ran against a democrat in what now seems like prehistory by talkin talkin talkin about how Senatorship isn’t supposed to be till-death-do-us-part sort of arrangement. Given all of his shortcomings, it seems to me that he’s due for a little ‘time-out’. Thanks for your service Mr. Hatch, but bye-bye.

  7. Orrin Hatch does not represent Utah or the individuals in Utah. His
    priorities are “Open the Constitution Amendment door” with frivolous iisues like Flag burning or Gay marriage. His real agenda is, once that Constitutional door opens, to remove individual rights and replace them with Corporate rights. His popularity is based on a false image of himself.
    Orrin has a lot of power, probably has a lot of “IOU’s” out in the Corporate Community, one phone call, to a judge in payment for a major Corporation investing in an IT school in South Jordan would not be out of line for Orrin, as he has demonstrated by getting a “druggie” off the hook in a foreign country.
    The druggie knew that having the drugs meant extreme consequences, unlike, in this country, one call, that’s all and off the hook. If the druggie is willing to take a risk of a long jail term in a foreign country, he is not a “recreational drug user” and will not have learned his lesson. The “druggie” has learned one thing for sure, break the law and make one phone call to one of the 100 US Senators and you get out of jail even if you are in a foreign country.
    In Singapore, when you get off the plane, there is a sign over the airport tarmack, “Death to All Drug Users”. Orrin interfered with the laws of another country in getting his “druggie” friend out of jail. If Orrin aligns himself with Hollywood, perhaps Orrin aligns himself with the drug culture that exists in Hollywood. “Birds of feather, flock together”.
    I think Orin has a pretty high image of himself and needs to let someone take his place who represents the people and does not have so many ‘connections’ like a druggie who got caught and Corporations who he makes phone calls for. Orrin has forgotten the expression “If You Do the crime, You Do the time”.
    Orrin evidently has no respect for the laws of other countries or this country when it comes to “returning the favor” to friends and Corporations who break the law.

  8. Yeah, Hatch is a nutcake, that’s for sure. I don’t really know too much else about him, but what little I do know is enough to make me wonder how he got elected.

  9. Weldon Angelos: Utah Resident and Hatch CONSTITUENT.
    Dallas Austin: California Resident and NOT a Hatch CONSTITUENT.
    Hmmm… Which music producer should a Utah Senator be representing?

  10. Note that Pete has rocketed into third place in Barbara Bond’s contest!!! Head on over there and give Pete your vote!!

    Orrin is a cynical Republican hack IMHO and Utah can do much better than that.

  11. Most definately time for a change in representation. My personal opinion is that we have a much better option in Pete as an individual who will put the most attention on the matters that affect our lives (war, pollution, civil rights)and leave the follies to others.

  12. Pete does pay attention to what is important in Utah. One of the first things in his campaign information that resonated with me is that he put an emphasis on more efficient transportation. This morning, it took almost a full hour and a half to get from Hill AFB to UofU. It drove me out of my head. Not only was it a huge waste of time, but an amazing waste of gas as well as a contributor to our notoriously poor air quality. Does Sen. Hatch have either an environmental policy or an energy policy, or even a clue about how to tackle these problems? If he does, why is he wasting his time freeing drug users and trying to write limitations into our Constitution? Is he working to protect the water rights of our farmers and ranchers in the West Deserts? Is he doing ANYTHING for our state? I hear a resounding NOPE.

  13. Today the U.S. Senate defeated an amendment to boost funding by $1.1
    billion for rail security in the fiscal 2007 Homeland Security
    appropriations bill. The amendment, offered by Senator Joseph Biden
    (D-DE), was defeated by a vote of 50-50. “You look around the world and
    bombings and attacks on rail systems are becoming increasingly
    sophisticated,” said Biden. But Senate Homeland Security Appropriations
    Subcommittee Chairman Judd Gregg (R-NH), said the extra funding would
    break the spending cap the Senate established in the budget bill. Biden
    blasted the spending cap, saying it was too low to meet needs. “I’ll
    tell you what, folks, we’re going to regret this. We are going to
    regret this,” he said.

    The vote came just one day after a series of train bombings in Mumbai
    (formerly Bombay), India killed over 200 people; just under a year
    after the deadly London subway/bus bombings and over two years since
    the tragic Madrid rail bombings!

    It also came on a day when “The New York Times” disclosed a report from
    the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security citing
    that department’s National Asset Database of suspected terrorist
    targets. The database, which is used to divvy up the hundreds of
    millions of dollars in antiterrorism grants each year, includes such
    well known targets as a petting zoo in Woodville, Alabama and the Mule
    Day Parade in Columbia, Tennessee, as well as “Nix’s Check Cashing,”
    “Mall at Sears,” “Ice Cream Parlor,” “Tackle Shop,” “Donut Shop,”
    “Anti-Cruelty Society” and “Bean Fest.”

    Seven Republicans joined 42 Democrats and one Independent to vote in
    favor of the Biden Amendment. Two Democrats voted with 48 Republicans
    to kill the measure.

    Hatch voted not to fund security for our railroads. He is soft on terrorism. Its time to get him out.

  14. “Are you angry too?”

    Sigh, can’t Democrats ever be anything OTHER than angry? But that’s one of the great many reasons why people don’t vote for them, so it’s a good thing!

    Go Orin Hatch! Go Republicans!

  15. Joe, (from 7/14) are you kidding, with your ‘can democrats be anything other than angry’? If you are a conscientious US citizen who cares anything about where we’re going and the road we seem to continue down, how can YOU not be angry?

    If you’re not angry, maybe it’s because you’re a)lazy, b)disinterested, c)mind-dead, or d)one of the “priveleged” groups that Hatch or some powermonger has deemed worthy of attention, or some combination of any or all of the above.

    I’m sure you’ll just continue to live in your blissful ignorance — enjoy it if you want to — some of us have consciences that won’t allow it. 8)

  16. Though I don’t necessarily support Senator Hatch’s actions here, I also do not approve of individuals using a slanderous or hateful rant to build support for themselves. Do not tell me why Senator Hatch is a bad candidate tell me why you are a good candidate. I refuse to vote for a candidate just because “he isn’t Hatch.” You will really need to work to earn my vote.

  17. Unlike a lot of campaigns, my opponent is rarely mentioned on my website. I have been campaigning not upon what my opponent has done wrong but what I will do right and there are pages upon pages of articles and writing about that here.

    This recent action of Hatch’s is relevant only because of his inaction on the Sahs who were deported the same day Mr. Austin was released. If I need to work to earn your vote, spend a little time on the website looking at the work I have done over the past 15 months and ask yourself how the incumbant has been working for you in the same period of time.

  18. I think it is high time for Hatch to depart, however, you are not senator material, so I will be voting for Hatch and holding my nose.
    By the way, get rid of the beater RV, it’s a tired stunt.

  19. Why comment on a thread that has been dormant since July? Please feel free to step up and discuss issues in a more current thread.

    As to your comments, I’d like to know what your definition of “senator material” is…If you are looking for a self serving, ignorant, elitist, you are 100% correct. Mr. Ashdown is none of those things. If you are looking for honor, intelligence, innovation, compassion and vison, Pete Ashdown is your man.

    The RV is the most cost effective means for the campaign to achieve its ends…if you are offering to donate a better vehicle (or funds for such) for such purposes, please feel free. It was available and functional, and thus was put to good use.

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