Fun with Math

Utah 2004Barbara Boxer’s “Pac for a Change” contest ends in three days. Looking at the percentages and reported votes, more than 1,400 people have voted for me. Thank you. Considering that there are 1783 people on my mailing list, this has been an impressive rally so far. Doubling this number to beat Bob Casey in three days will be difficult, but it is worth the effort. So please vote if you haven’t, and continue to spread the word to your friends and associates.

I previously wrote regarding the funds other PFAC leaders had raised. It is also important to see how well I have done against the other Senate candidates compared to their populations. If you consider their Democratic base size (without turnout) in their respective states, it is even more impressive.

Barbara Boxer’s Top PFAC Contestants
Candidate PFAC % Population % Kerry 2004 # Kerry 2004
Bob Casey (PA) 20% 12.2M 51% 6.2M
Claire McCaskill (MO) 16% 5.6M 46% 2.6M
Sherrod Brown (OH) 15% 11.3M 49% 5.5M
Barbara Ann Radnofsky (TX) 12% 20.8M 38% 7.9M
Pete Ashdown (UT) 10% 2.2M 26% 0.6M

If you weight the vote response by population, I’m the clear winner. If you weigh it by people voting for Kerry in 2004, I’m supreme monarch and galactic poobah. Unfortunately, not much of what happens to western Democrats is fair and complaining about it doesn’t do much. Outside support and recognition are key to this race, but persistence is what will make the difference.

Thank you again for your continued efforts and encouragement.

Update:The latest total is 32,000 votes. So that makes 3,200.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Math

  1. Pete, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day… that it’s not fair that you have to contend with people from much larger states in this online vote. 🙁

  2. I don’t get why Casey’s on this list. He doesn’t need the money. He has millions and is up on Santorum by double digits, for months.

    Why not give the money to a campaign that has a shot and is low on cash? Oh well, I can never support Barbara Boxer after she flew in to campaign with Joe Lieberman just cause they are both senators.

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