Candidate Debate Scheduled

ST. GEORGE, UTAH – The Spectrum and Cedar City Daily News are sponsoring a debate between Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Democratic candidate Pete Ashdown from 10:50 to 11:40 a.m. Wednesday at Tuacahn’s indoor auditorium, 1100 N. Tuacahn Drive in Ivins.

Questions from the community are being solicited through Saturday to pose to the candidates. Please contact editorial page editor Jennifer Weaver at (435) 674-6202 or e-mail with your questions.

8 thoughts on “Candidate Debate Scheduled

  1. Did he show up? And I agree with Jacob Jensen: Seriously, how can we get one of these in Salt Lake?

    Hey and if you do, I would be happy to take pictures. Hope it went well.

  2. Great, myself and some coworkers have been searching all over trying to find something. I prefer to see something myself than let one of the news outlets digest it for me.

  3. Pete: Did Hatch sell-out his fellow Mormons for campaign cash?

    How aware of the Mormon Discrimination complaint filed against Farmers Insurance by a large group of Mormon Agents In Utah? Did you know that the tobacco money Hatch recieved came from the same company that owns Farmers Insurance/Zurich.

    Farmers ex-CEO, Martin Feinstein, is the new member of the Board of Directors of RJR American Tobacco: British American Tobacco owns 43% of Zurich Financial, Farmers and RJR America.



    Check out these links

  4. I am watching the video as we speak, we will have it online sometime tomorrow. Thanks to Adam for his hardwork putting it together for us!

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