Debate and Convention Videos

The debate video from October 11th has been edited and placed online. You can see it here. Keep in mind that when it comes to shooting video, we are rank amateurs. If you’re interested only in the content, you may want to simply listen to the audio here. Many thanks to Adam for his editing work and Justin for his camera work.

A more professionally done video has just come out of the oven. I want to thank Cameron, Lydia, and Jordan for their hard work on this one. It is my nomination by Bill Orton and the speech I gave after at the Democratic Convention last May. You can watch it here.

2 thoughts on “Debate and Convention Videos

  1. Good job Mr. Ashdown. You held your own against Senator Hatch very well. It seems that the only thing he was able to say was that he deserves to be reelected because he’s been there forever. His comment that in a few short years he and senator Bennet will be on some very powerful comittees shows why reform is so desperately needed. Our legislative branch is being run like some boys’ club where power is awarded based on seniority rather than competence. Good luck in November.

  2. I am impressed with Pete’s poise and clarity. We need someone to encourage the federal government to figure out how healthcare can be changed so that everyone is covered and in a cost-effective manner.

    One of my particularly favorite moments involving Sen. Hatch’s convoluted reasoning were his statements about how Democrats can’t control spending. Has Orrin’s prodigious memory failed him so completely? He spent most of his debate time mentioning time and again how many millions/billions of dollars he’s forced the Federal goverment to spend in Utah- a state with more trees than people. And how about that budget deficit that the Republicans have done so well to feed. Where has the “lean” Republican party gone?

    Pete, congratulations for standing up for reason.

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