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Last week I personally canvassed much of Beaver, Emery and Carbon counties. Many other volunteers have been working to do the same in Salt Lake, Cache, Davis, Utah, and Washington counties. It has been energizing to meet so many good people going door to door and hear their concerns that seem to usually be swept under the rug by government.

Chris Vanocur conducted an informal debate last Wednesday which was broadcast this Sunday on his show, “On the Record”. If you missed it, here is an online recording. When your entire life seems to be leading up to a single day in November, all the months seem to blend into November. Pardon the gaff.

On the other hand, when you don’t know the Senate Banking Committee are who reported shipments of anthrax and botulism to Iraq in the 80’s, and you can remember your words against immigration amnesty in 1984, but not why Iraq was taken off the list of terrorist nations in 1982, I suppose mixing up a month is much more forgivable.

KUTV will be conducting a live debate at their studios on Main Street between 2nd and 3rd South at 6:30 PM on Tuesday. It will be conducted outside weather permitting. Arrive by 6:00 PM and bring warm clothing and your “Ashdown for Senate” t-shirts!

On a lighter note, watch me cook enchiladas on KSL’s “Studio 5”. 10,000 calorie per serving recipe is here.

Finally, if you can bear tunes getting stuck in your head, here is the campaign jingle being run as a 30 second commercial spot. If you really like it, you can join my daughter Madeleine by making it your ringtone.

5 thoughts on “On the Record

  1. Wow! Ashdown enchiladas and ringtones… Beat that Orrin!

    I’ll have to try to make those enchiladas sometime, Pete. However, after the election, your dad has to hook me up with some of his bread while your mom makes that strawberry soup for my tummy. Food requests are what you get for going on a cooking show…

  2. I only caught a few minutes of the debate. I’m sure you did very well. I got to see Orrin huffing for a minute or so. Those were certainly excellent signs in the background. Did any question about Orrin’s terrible support for veterans get asked?


  3. Thank you for being honest about abortion. It’s never a good option, but the absitnace only program isnt working. Please blast Orrin when ever he touts his own power in washington. Last night he said that one of the main reasons he is running again is because he will be head of the senate finance commitee, “the most powerful commitee in washington.” This year the finance committee voted to cut medicare benefits, elimate captial gains and dividend takes for the rich, and extend a tax loop hole for CFC’s (controlled foriegn companies- more commonly called off shore accounts) that finance large equipment sales abroad -ie haliburton and the like. This is amazing; the rich get richer AND none of the profit, or production stays in the US.
    the articles i read said Hatch railed against many medicare cuts, but ultimately he sided with his party. Hatch is not “gutsy,” he’s a wimp when it comes to protecting funding designed to help old people and the less forturnate with the healthcare cost that are simply out of control in this country. He he ought to be ashamed of himself for bragging about becoming one of the most powerful men in Washington. Just ask committee chair trent lott.

  4. Pete,

    I just finished reading your platform. I wish to hell the Democrats weren’t wasting a fantastic candidate like you in a state like Utah that will never elect anyone other than Orrin Hatch anytime soon. You make excellent arguments for sensible policy and while I wish you the best in your Senate race, may I suggest that you try for a blue House district in Utah — and then shoot straight up to the Presidency from there?

  5. I agree with Jarett, I fully support you in your Utah race, but you know better than anyone how much an uphill battle it is. That’s why in these last few weeks it’s important that all of us who support you get your name out to people who don’t know you, we have a chance this year.

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