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Some have asked for the commentary I gave at the governor’s Divine Strake hearing. I didn’t give that commentary from written material, so I had to wait for the transcript to come through. Thanks to Sherry Milne for her efforts in emailing me the transcript.

My name is Pete Ashdown, and I am not an elected official.

I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. This is an important part of this process. As I have looked at Divine Strake over the past two years, I have always asked one question. I always see the Department of Defense and the DTRA saying, If we can do this, we’ll know this. But what I never see them doing is asking, “Why are we doing this?”

Saddam Hussein came out of a ten_foot hole. Adolph Hitler, which had the __ he had the backing of a nation behind him, came out of a 30_foot bunker. And he came out all by himself. So I went to the DTRA session, the information session, and I asked __ I asked Why are we doing this? And they had the great posters __ I don’t know if some of you saw __ that bunkers are a growing threat. Well, it seems to me that the growing threat are teenagers using cell phones and fertilizer to blow up our troops, not build bunkers with alien technology.

And I said, What’s wrong with dropping a five_ton bomb on the hole to the bunker so you can’t get access to the materials inside, and whatever is inside can’t get out?

Well, we want to destroy what’s inside too. Why? Well, it could be uncovered. They could remove the dirt. They could get it out. Who are we fighting? How can they do this? How can they avoid our spy satellites? How can they avoid our predator drones and use earth movers to uncover their bunkers? It’s baloney. It’s pure baloney. It’s military masturbation, and I’m tired of being forced to watch it.

When it comes to nuclear weapons, the United States is the chain smoker telling the rest of the world to quit. It starts today. We do not need nuclear weapons, and I will say it again. Senator Hatch, stop this test. I applaud Governor Huntsman for the opportunity to speak without being arrested. But I want Governor Huntsman to know that I will get arrested if this test goes forward, and I challenge Governor Huntsman to join me and thousands of other Utahns who will walk out on that range and get arrested so this test does not happen.

Thank you very much.

Today is the last day you can send in commentary on Divine Strake. You can send email or postal. Your letter must be postmarked the 7th. More information here on KTVX’s website.

8 thoughts on “Divine Strake Hearing Comments

  1. Thanks, Pete! I had to leave before hearing your comments that night, but I have been very interested in knowing what you said. Thank you for continuing to stand up for what is right. There are a lot of us out here that still believe in you, the same as we did when we worked to get you elected, and I for one am very much looking forward to what you will be doing in the future, even though that’s still pretty much a mystery to most of us. 🙂

  2. Thank you Pete for standing up and being a such strong voice for my Mom and countless other family members, friends and neighbors who have died as Downwinders and can no longer stand up and speak for themselves. Thank you for really caring about my home – St. George / Washington County – by listening to our concerns and actually trying to do something about it.

    My question is: Are the Feds that are saying the testing is completely safe willing to move to St. George, along with their families – including kids and and grandchildren – and stay there during the testing and remain there for several months after? I rather doubt it.

    You can count on me to be right at your side when you walk out on the test range in protest of the testing.

  3. Pete, your comments were among the best there than night, and that’s saying a lot. Heather and I walked in from the overflow just as you started speaking, and the sheer anger in your words were evident. The text of your comments is great, but it doesn’t compare to being there and seeing your waving fists and quivering lip.

    Keep up the good work… you represent many Utahn’s when it comes to beliefs, ideals, and values and you’ll represent us just as well in government one day.

  4. Pete,

    Thank you so much for your comments! I am constantly impressed with your strength and the power of your words. I was unable to attend, but I could feel the passion with which you are fighting against this horrible test. I wish I could have been there. Thank you –again– for all you do!

  5. Dear Pete,
    Just got your E-mail and even though it is one day past the deadline I am sending it out to all our Concerned Writers club Members. They still might accept messages today. I think taking the stand you did is the right thing to do. I will join with you in any demostration of opposition to this insane action the DoD is undertaking.
    Bob Van Velkinburgh
    Director of Publicity
    Davis County Democrats

  6. Pete,
    I don’t live in Utah. Or even the States (anymore), for that matter. But everytime I hear you speak (in a recording) or read a text of yours, I get this overwhelming desire to live in Utah just so that I can stand beside someone as principled as you, and brag about it to my grandkids when I’m old and gray.
    Might not count for much, but I’m with you 100% and then some. You tell it like it is, man; keep it up.

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