Ralph Becker for Mayor

I am endorsing Ralph Becker for mayor of Salt Lake City.

Based on my conversations with Ralph along with his response to my questionnaire, I believe he has the experience to benefit this city. I am impressed with his convictions for proper planning and zoning, along with his commitment to historic preservation. He understands what horse is driving the economic cart in Salt Lake City, small business. I believe he is committed to not only encouraging new local ownership, but he will also stay in touch with existing businesses to find out what is needed from the city.

Ralph’s time at the legislature is an important part of his ability to keep Utah’s capitol city an important component of decisions made there. Although I have not always agreed with some of the votes he has made in the past, I respect that he has his concerns in the right place. I know that other legislators, many outside of the Democratic party, hold Ralph Becker in high regard.

I know Representative Becker believes as I do that politics holds the potential to become more than a money game. His ethics at the Capitol have been admirable. I have been impressed not only with his actions, but his staff in this mayoral race so far.

I hope you take a close look and make him your choice for mayor too. Go Ralph go!

12 thoughts on “Ralph Becker for Mayor

  1. Woo Hoo!
    ‘Go Ralph Go’ indeed
    Ralph has my vote, and I am happy he has your support as well Pete.

  2. I’m still deciding, though your endorsement of Mr Becker certainly weighs heavily in the equation.

    Seven candidates — and only four of them deigned to even respond to your wonderful questionnaire… but the one question I want answered was never really asked. “What differentiates you from the crowd?” Each of the candidates talks the talk, but it’s the walking that concerns me. My only consolation is that the pool of candidates — once 10 strong — is shrinking.

    I’ve met Steve Christensen a number of times, and have been impressed with his candor ( I even mentioned this questionnaire to him, and he seemed to think that you had his response… ). He comes off as a little defensive/mildly paranoid at times when discussing his past, but I couldn’t help but admire his previous accomplishments. Add to that his relationship with folks on the Hill — and how nice it would be to not have an adversarial relationship! — and I lean his way a little more.

    Ralph Becker strikes me as thoroughly genuine… but that’s the extent of my experience with him. Well, that, and I think he has the nicest yard signs (Nancy, Steve… who on _earth_ designed your lawn signs… blech).

    : )

    I’ve met John Renteria, and he’s certainly has done amazing things at the Centro Civico… but I get the impression that his is not a serious candidacy.

    I’ve also had a number of meetings with Councilwoman Saxton… and I’m amazed by the depth of her knowledge of city workings. She’s got both of her hands on the wheel, and it shows. But I can’t shake a certain “slick willy” feeling when I talk with her. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t sense much in the way of genuine concern from her.

    Jenny Wilson has drive… but I haven’t seen/heard enough of her to know if she’s just a flash in the pan.

    … anyway, I’m still on the fence.

  3. Silus, I think you meant “Keith” instead of “Steve”. In any case you and Jeff are right, this was a difficult choice. All of the candidates are well qualified. It is good to see that kind of selection instead of what we commonly see in races where it is trying to find the best of the worst.

  4. Yes… “Keith”… Steve Christiansen was a friend of mine growing up.

    And amen on not having a “best of the worst” race… Which brings to mind something I’ve noticed, though it is on a slightly tangential note.

    I’ve been consistently amazed and delighted at the caliber of the pool of people running for most offices, here in Utah. It’s so consistent, in fact, that I find a certain comfort that regardless of who may be elected, we’ll be in good hands. There are some notable exceptions (Buttars being the obvious one), but time and again we have pools of candidates that surpass expectations and defy national trends of races to the bottom.

  5. The questionnaire provided a great synopsis, Pete; thanks. I read the responses this evening having just read this fascinating article about the mayor of Bogota and the changes he’s made to both the infrastructure of his city and the fundamental thinking of his city’s urban planners:


    [the link is to a summary, which in turn links to the full article – the full article is certainly worth the read]

    I would love to wake up in a world tomorrow where most of the current plans for downtown SLC are balled up and pitched in the circular file, and we start over with the guiding principle that we’re designing downtown for people and not for cars. Elements of our current downtown planning pay lip service to this principle, but it belongs in the foundations.

  6. I agree with you Pete, that Ralph is an excellent choice for mayor. I like Jenny Wilson and have had a long standing and wonderful relationship with her father, but I think Ralph’s experience and the abilities he has shown in the legislature qualifies him for the position. I’m a Tooele resident so I won’t be voting, but I appreciate the fact that you are endorsing his campaign.

    Best regards.

  7. I heard Ralph at the Democratic Convention and was most impressed with his speech.

  8. At first, I was undecided and I waited to read the candidates responses to variouse questions. Now. I have decided that I wholly support Ralph Becker. His responses are considered. As a fan of many of the positive changes that the current mayor has initiated: parking, infrastructure, progressive attitudes make me uncomfortable with Jenny’s remarks concerning Rocky.

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