Aside from my previous endorsement of Senator Obama for President, there is one other prime endorsement I want to get out before election day.

When I received the invitation to serve on the Tracy Aviary board a few years ago, I warmly accepted because it had long been one of my favorite places in Salt Lake county. My mother brought me there frequently as a child to teach me about the natural habitat of birds. As an adult board member, I am fully aware of the struggles Tracy Aviary continues to face. As one of the two oldest aviaries in the country, much of the facility is in disrepair and in desperate need of an update. Proposition 1 on the Salt Lake County ballot will grant much needed funds to Tracy Aviary so it can continue its mission of ecological education. Please “Save the Aviary” by voting “YES” on Proposition 1.

There are some great state and county officials on the ballot this year. There are even a handful of Republicans who I have much respect for. However, with the super-majority GOP legislature ramming through such winners as school vouchers and the Omnibus Education Bill, along with overriding Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon on the Soccer Stadium, my endorsements go to only the Democrats this year. If you have time to spare today and on Tuesday, please consider helping local Democratic candidates and the Obama campaign.

7 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. greetings from london england…..obama for the whitehouse and pete ashdown in the senate .good luck guys

  2. Leave the animals and birds alone. Release them all. With HDTV and travel what it is now, we don’t need Zoos for kids to really see what animals exist in other parts of the world. Do the humane thing and let them all go. I can’t agree with your endorsement on the zoo or the aviary.


  3. Were it only so Joe. The primary mission of today’s zoos and aviaries has shifted from exhibition to conservation. Although I see little point in exhibiting animals in cramped cages, I do see value in providing proper habitats for endangered, injured, and migratory species.

  4. Poor excuse to vote for somebody simply because they have a ‘D’ after their name. Both Democrats and Republicans have totally screwed our country and I’ll not vote for one again. Totally corrupt does not even begin to describe our national politicians. Local ones may be different but they’ll never change what goes on at the top. When local politicians get back to Washington, they are simply adsorbed into the collective. Resistance is futile.

  5. The Tracy Aviary isn’t about caging animals, and anyone who has ever been there knows that.

    And…A Faber…I totally see campaigning for your 3rd party candidate. And if you really don’t care who wins, I can even see voting for them in the Presidential Race. However, at this point, you know that candidate won’t win. And your argument that when politicians get to Washington, they’re absorbed by the collective…well, nothing you said convinces me that your candidate isn’t in danger of that.

    My candidate (Obama) has proven himself in the past, and I am confident that he will be a great leader. But, your argument is against other people, and the idea that being a candidate of another party is somehow different is lost when you add logic.

  6. Thanks Pete. Looking forward to the results of the national and local elections. Hopefully the zoo and aviary propositions end up successfully.


  7. You are “spot on”, Pete! [as Mark might say from across the Pond] The record of the Republican dominated Legislature is one of uncompromising arrogance, incompetence, and corruption — the only beneficiaries of which have been Republican legislators (real estate deals, et al) and special-interests that have willingly stoked egos and lined pockets. I remember a time when there was mutual respect and even friendship among members of the House and Senate. Hopefully, 2008 will see the defeat of some particulary arrogant and cowardly members and the election of some responsible individuals who believe in public service. The quality of life in Utah, now and in the future, hangs in the balance! … by a thread

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