25,000+ Miles in 9 Minutes

During my 2006 U.S. Senate campaign, I rigged a small wireless camera to an embedded PC to take pictures out the window of my car and motorhome while travelling throughout Utah. Although the system didn’t always work, and sometimes the sun melted the glue on the velcro holding the camera to the dash, and sometimes it went out of focus, the result is an interesting stream of travel and stops throughout a statewide political race. You’ll catch glimpses of of the 25+ parades we did, beautiful scenery throughout the state, and a short breakdown outside Green River where I had to climb underneath and fix the motorhome.

Music is One Perfect Sunrise by Orbital.

2 thoughts on “25,000+ Miles in 9 Minutes

  1. Nice. Was the camera/PC running off the car battery/cigarette lighter? How frequently was the camera snapping pics?

    What did you use as the soundtrack to the video?

  2. I had the system programmed to take a picture every 5 minutes it had power, which was whenever the key was turned. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the success rate was about 50%. Both the camera and the PC worked off 12V power.

    The soundtrack is “One Perfect Sunrise” by Orbital.

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