County Conventions

All of the county Democratic conventions are on my calendar now. I am going to try and attend as many as possible. In spite of having a possible airplane ride to St. George, I think there is a distinct possibility that there isn’t enough time to do both Weber County and Washington County conventions, which start 30 minutes apart from each other. In this case, I am asking for any volunteers in Washington, Iron, and Grand counties to represent my campaign to their conventions. Please email my staff to let them know if you would be willing.

I could also use some driving help to get to some of these conventions. Also email staff if you are able. You only need a current license, I will provide the transportation and gas.

Please attend your county convention! I look forward to seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “County Conventions

  1. I’m really disappointed that you decided not to attend the Washington County Convention today. We were looking forward to seeing you. What’s more important?

  2. Lee Ann, I am sorry I was unable to attend the Washington county convention. I have been attending as many as physically possible, and unfortunately getting to St. George in time from Ogden wasn’t in the cards. As I write this, I am headed to Cedar City after a direct flight from Ogden. If Washington had been later I could have made it. The good news is that I will make every effort to attend other events in St. George. I look forward to seeing you.

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