Feed the Hungry not Politicians

President Bush will be attending a fund raising dinner for my cash strapped opponent, Senator Hatch.

In response to this, I am personally buying dinner for up to 150 people at the Alta Club on August 29th at 6:00 PM. This dinner will be financed out of my pocket and will not draw from campaign donations. What I ask of the attendees to this dinner is to make a sizable donation to a charity of your choice that deals with hunger in America. I will have a list of suggested charities at the dinner and my staff will collect and tabulate and send the donations. No charity is coordinating with the campaign on this dinner, they are simply receiving the donations as designated by the attendees.

Senator Hatch, President Bush, Secretary Rice and anyone else are welcome to attend this dinner.

This is not a campaign fund raiser and donations to my campaign will not be funneled to this event or the charities. If you wish to make a donation to a hunger charity in response to this effort outside of the event on the 29th, please let me know.

If you can attend the event on the 29th, please RSVP by Friday, August 25th. Choose chicken, beef, or vegetarian menu items.

Also, we still have a number of free tickets left for the volunteer event at the Bees baseball game 7:00 PM this Thursday the 24th. Contact Justin at the campaign if you can attend.

10 thoughts on “Feed the Hungry not Politicians

  1. I think this is an awesome thing for you to do, Pete. Way to go!

    You know, Hatch must be pretty scared of you for him to be getting Bush to help his campaign out like this. 🙂

  2. I was impressed until I looked at the Alta Club website. I doubt anyone at the “Club” has ever gone hungry. Seems just as elitist as good old Sen Hatch’s dinner party. Why not buy the hungry dinner?? Shake things up, team up with a shelter and ask everyone coming to bring money to buy dinner for someone or someones at the shelter. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. John, the Alta Club was the best location available on short notice. Remember, dinner is free to anyone who wants to attend. Also be aware that shelters and non-profits are prohibited from coordinating with a federal campaign by law.

  4. I’m so impressed by not just your generosity but also by the genius stroke. The Alta Club is pretty high steppin’ but if you want generous donations, then high steppin’ it has to be. I’ve forwarded the notice on to a couple of people who loathe your opponent, are well heeled, and will find the entire idea of this dinner to their liking.


  5. “Why not buy the hungry dinner?? Shake things up, team up with a shelter and ask everyone coming to bring money to buy dinner for someone or someones at the shelter”
    John, to clarify, because the law won’t allow Pete to coordinate with shelters and non-profits, the plan is that everyone who attends the dinner will give to the hungry by donating that night to the charity of their choice to help the hungry. The dinner Pete is buying for the attendees will not only be a chance for people to give money to help irradicate hunger, but it will also be a great opportunity for people who care about this issue to collaborate with each other and to find out how they can give of their time too. And, at the end of the evening, Pete’s staff will collect, count and send off the donations to the charities.

    I am looking forward, not only to the chance to help out with monetary donations, but also to find out more about the charities that exist, and to have the opportunity to discuss with members of the community how we can continue to help those in need. I trust there will be a great turn out, not only of the “well-heeled”, but of all people who care about helping those in need. I hope it will help raise the awareness that there is an ongoing need to help others and I look forward to continuing to be involved in the struggle against hunger.

  6. What better way to illustrate who you are and what you stand for while at the same time spotlighting your opponents true colors? Ingenious.

  7. It would be great if you post the total amount raised by this fund raising dinner, especially if you can also post the amount raised by Hatch’s fund raising dinner (I don’t know how much disclosure is required of those kinds of things).

  8. One of my workmates is joining Pete tonight. I’ve been promised a full report. Several of us are taking TRAX down to the protest at lunchtime. I work in the most wonderful office in the world.


  9. I saw a news article that said $8K was raised for charity from this dinner. Is that the official number? I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in hearing about it, and maybe seeing some pictures! Congrats to everyone involved with this!

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