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Steve OlsenWith my nose to the grindstone in this race, it is all too easy to forget the other contributions dedicated Utahns are making throughout this state. One person in particular who has made deep sacrifices for his state and country is Steve Olsen.

Steve was asked by the party to run in the 1st congressional district after Democratic State Committee Chair Wayne Holland received a book authored by Steve titled, “Why Most Utahns are Democrats and Just Don’t Know it Yet”. Steve bravely took on the challenge in spite of full time commitments to his job and his church. We have seen each other at many events and I have marveled at Steve’s ability to build bridges and convince even the most staunch Republican.

He has also shown a healthy dose of humor in his campaign. Many prominent parades have turned down challengers from entering for reasons unknown. Olsen refused to take “no” for an answer and asked instead if they needed someone to clean up after the horses. His presence in the parade is then taken by a small tractor and trailer with “Farmer Steve” cleaning up with a shovel. The trailer is bannered simply and effectively, “Help Steve Olsen Clean Up Washington”.

Steve has blog entries periodically on his race and politics. His entry on “Church and State” is positively luminary. He blogged earlier this week about the Cindy Sheehan visit and was once again spot on.

I will be voting for Steve Olsen this year, even though I live in Salt Lake City. My neighborhood was sliced out of Jim Matheson’s district a few years back. I will be proud to do so, and I am proud to display his sign in my front yard.

This is the kind of congressman Utah needs. Give Steve Olsen your support.

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  1. This guy is THE MAN! As I told Pete a few weeks ago (our paths cross quite often these days), there is no one in the state that I admire and respect more than Pete Ashdown. To sacrifice two years of your life away from your business and your young family, together with a significant infusion of your own finances, to honestly try to rescue our citizens from one of the most clueless men in America, is a remarkable thing. This is especially true since it’s probably one of the most thankless job around.

    Although Pete trails in the polls, I’m optimistic that when Utahns see Pete and Orrin side by side in the televised debates, the contrast between those two guys will be so striking that the Utahns will rally to what has to be the most obvious choice in America this year in any Senate race.

    Thanks for everything you do for all of us, Pete!


  2. I tried to post to Steve’s website, but blogger hates Netscape. I can agree that inviting Cindy Sheehan is more controversial and possibly not a “strategic” thing to do, but about what Cindy Sheehan says, I agree completely.

    I lost a brother in the Air Force in 1963. There is no pain like it. One of my points of loathing for the current administration is that that coward would not speak to her. Why didn’t he get in his pickup truck and drive down to her camp and speak to her? She would be a non-issue now. But it wasn’t strategically wise from a Republican viewpoint. You’ve let the opposition party frame Cindy Sheehan. You’ve let Rove silence a voice that speaks for mothers and sisters who have lost someone in a senseless war.

    Damn, I love Rocky.


  3. Pete,
    Your dinner to “feed the poor” was in stark contrast to the fund raiser for Hatch. And his hand picked welcome people only added to the crap that presently exudes republican morals and values.

    It was neat being able to meet your wife.

    I will be with you in Brigham City.

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