Please Vote & List Split

If you are a Salt Lake City resident, then I urge you to exercise your right to vote tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th in the mayoral primary. My endorsement goes to Ralph Becker and I hope you will consider him too.

If you are not a Salt Lake City resident, I apologize for the recent emails on my mailing list in regards to the race here. I have been asked to setup a separate list by a group of people who want to stay in tune with technology issues and government. Declan McCullagh runs an excellent list for federal technology issues known as “Politech”, you can find archives and subscribe to it here:


However, due to the tingling in my nose, I know that Utah is preparing for a banner legislative year in the offense against technology. I have setup a similar list to Declan’s for Utah specific technology issues. You can subscribe here:


I will reserve future emails on the “Ashdown List” for information in regards to any events or campaigns of my own.

One thought on “Please Vote & List Split

  1. Thanks so much for setting up a Utah tech list. It’s embarrassing to see some of the absolutely terrible tech legislation that winds its way through the capitol and onto the front page of Slashdot, especially when you didn’t even know about it to protest it!

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