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Pete SpeechThe Utah Democratic Convention on May 13th was an exhilarating experience. It was humbling to receive such a warm response to my nomination speech and listen to so many people expressing their support. For those of you who were unable to attend the convention, I have put up audio of the nominations and my speech here. In addition, there is television convention coverage from KSL here and here, along with KUTV’s coverage here.

My convention speech was accompanied by a slide-show presentation. I will work towards matching the audio with that presentation and making it available on the website.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who took time out of their Saturday to help at the convention. I could not have done it without you.

In addition to the convention, I did a “Honk & Wave” in response to bad energy policy on the 9th. This event was covered by KSL.

Quality News Network did an interview as part of their extensive 2006 candidate interview series. Be sure to take some time to listen to Tony Seton’s interview of me and other candidates.

The campaign has over 1,000 volunteers signed up and we are working hard to build a database of all of them. I have installed a copy of CivicSpace to help with that. Right now, I need admins who are versed in using Drupal to make this installation of CivicSpace work for the campaign. I also continue to receive some criticism over the usability of the campaign website. If anyone feels like they can do a better job of organizing, design, and keeping things up to date, I am more than willing to hand over the reins. Please email me your design ideas and your past work.

We have distributed over 1,500 signs already! Send in your photos of yard signs and we’ll put them on the website for everyone to see. If you don’t have a sign yet, email our newest intern, Wade Finlinson and we’ll make sure you get one.

12 thoughts on “Post Convention

  1. Congratulations! You are running a great campaign and you sure as heck deserve to win! I wish I lived closer so I could help out and cast my vote for you. I’ve emailed the DSCC asking why they are listing the Democratic challengers for other races, but aren’t listing you!

  2. Pete, it is so wonderful to see the responses to you. The convention was great. You were great. I was in the Women’s Caucus and I liked how you were able to respond to questions in an honest and forthcoming manner. I’m making another donation, not as much as I wish I could, but enough to help pay for the Nutcake stickers anyway.
    p.s. Your wife is beautiful, sort of like a Victorian Painting..

  3. Don’t forget about the Diebold voting machines and their proven hackability ( Connecticut and New York have gotten out of HAVA compliance this year. Since it was Utah’s machines that were examined for the recent study, the world is watching to see what Utah will do. We can’t let corporate contracts outweigh our right to have our vote counted accurately.

    This is a bipartisan issue, and if the Democrats stand strong on this, it will be clear which side actually believes in democracy, not just in forcing it on others.

    You have what it takes, and we are grateful.

  4. As a Republican, I do have to say that Pete is the best opposition Senate candidate in years. Perhaps he would consider running for state office if he does not win. We need more good solid people in the legislature. I don’t care what party it is, I just want to see some good, honest people in there.

  5. Good job. You put the fire back in my belly. We need to put some good values back into the government. Peace is a good value. Peace is a great value. I am sure if all Utahns could hear your speech, they would have no choice to make. We look forward to seeing you in Washington.

  6. Dear Pete,
    I am glad you are running for Senate and wish you all the best. I am interested in knowing if you are familiar with the work of George Lakoff. He has written a book, “Moral Politics, How Liberals and Conservatives Think,” and a current best seller, “don’t think of an elephant!.” In these and other books as well as websites he refers to are some extremely helpful ideas about how to “reframe” the debate with our republican opponents.
    Gene Klatt

  7. Pete,

    Your convention address was outstanding. I could hardly believe your forcible delivery, the depth of issues covered. It was a remarkable elevation from the oratory you gave at the Weber County Demo meeting.

    I am encouraged by chance meetings with “strangers” whom seem willing to have Hatch do an exist. My contacts with nearby neighbors are encourageing. It’s time to traverse the entire neighborhood and do some sounding out.

  8. Well, Pete. You are still around. I still maintain you lack both the class and temperment to sit in Orrin Hatch’s senate seat. I also found the bootlegger on your comment page. Seems you may pay for your music but do the parties you purchase from have a legal right to sell what they have?

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